Your Guide to Local Restaurants, stands and food Services

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Blackie's - Cheshire
Rawley's - Fairfield
Super Duper Weenie
Windmilll - Stratford
Connecticut hot dog restaurants often serve Hummel Bros or Grote and Weigel dogs, which are family
operations. There is otherwise no particular Connecticut style. It is customary for hot dogs to be served
plain so the customer can put their own condiments on the hot dog. Options range from establishment to establishment, with Blackie's of Cheshire offering hot pepper relish, brown mustard or ketchup onlywhile the
Windmilll of Stratford is known for dogs loaded with sauerkraut, onions, and pickly chili on soft buns. Other
noted establishments include Rawley's of Fairfield and Super Duper Weenie - wikipeda